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About Cape Cod Bohemian

A Condo Design Blog and a Condo Living Blog...Its Cape Cod Bohemian. Seriously.

Fabrics, woods, shag, renaissance and Neon

by Mark on June 20, 2012 1 Comment

Cape Cod Bohemian

Yes that is a shotSKI in the corner

Reuse Old Street Sign

by Mark on June 5, 2012 8 Comments

Every year across cities and towns old street signs are often discarded or sold for a couple bucks. In Seattle, Pine street is a pretty popular street. Here is a good use for an old street sign. *Bought the two metal shelf brackets from IKEA for $2 each.

Welcome to Cape Cod Bohemian

by Mark on June 5, 2012 6 Comments

Got the site up!

CCB is a design principal when just regular decorating just won't do. Welcome!