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About Cape Cod Bohemian

A Condo Design Blog and a Condo Living Blog...Its Cape Cod Bohemian. Seriously.

Fabrics, woods, shag, renaissance and Neon

by Mark on June 20, 2012 25 Comments

Cape Cod Bohemian

Yes that is a shotSKI in the corner

Reuse Old Street Sign

by Mark on June 5, 2012 22 Comments

Every year across cities and towns old street signs are often discarded or sold for a couple bucks. In Seattle, Pine street is a pretty popular street. Here is a good use for an old street sign. *Bought the two metal shelf brackets from IKEA for $2 each.

Welcome to Cape Cod Bohemian

by Mark on June 5, 2012 28 Comments

Got the site up!

CCB is a design principal when just regular decorating just won't do. Welcome!